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An Update to the Elements Project
Since our release of Elements Alpha, we have been hard at work making the codebase production-ready for live, federated-sidechains such as the Liquid network. This post announces a number of improvements now available to developers.
Strong Federations, Foundation of Liquid, Whitepaper Released
In our second white paper on sidechains, we discuss the concept of Strong Federations, or a federated blockchain system that facilitates movement of any asset among disparate markets without requiring centralized trust. Strong Federations provide security and confidentiality advantages with support for transactions where asset types and amounts are opaque while preserving the public verifiability inherent to Bitcoin. The white paper was published on arXiv, an academic e-print service.
Welcoming Ben Teitelbaum as Blockstream's VP of Engineering
Starting this month, Ben Teitelbaum is joining the leadership team at Blockstream as our new Vice President of Engineering.